American Fireglass

1/2" Cobalt Fire Glass

Cobalt blue boasts a unique and striking beauty and has been the color of choice in some brilliant glass displays. Now your customers can replicate that same beauty in their homes with our 1/2" cobalt fire glass. It features the same gorgeous cobalt color as our 1/4" cobalt fire glass, but delivers a very different effect.

Similar to our 1/4" cobalt fire glass, this variety is chunkier, allowing for better air circulation which results in a bigger, more impressive flame. Especially suited to classic décors dominated by colors of blue or earthen tones, our 1/2" cobalt fire glass will turn any humble fireplace into a brilliant display of decorative art. Your customers may also consider mixing it with clear fire glass to create an even more appealing effect. When the fire feature is lit, the liquid-like flames appear to dance atop the bed of cobalt fire glass, creating a fire display that will leave all onlookers enchanted.