American Fireglass

1/2" Gray Fire Glass

Some people say gray is boring, but we beg to differ. Gray exudes calm and tranquility. Though it is not glamorous, it has an undeniable quiet elegance to it. If your customers are looking for something graceful for their decor, introduce them to our gray fire glass from our 1/2" inch fire glass collection.

Similar to our 1/4" gray fire glass, this version is larger and chunkier, allowing for better air circulation and delivering a more impressive flame. Gray fire glass is beautiful on its own, but may also be used as a wonderful base color, which will help to accentuate other colors. It will blend seamlessly with any color scheme and décor style. Whether your customers have a classic or contemporary theme to their living or entertainment area, our 1/2" gray fire glass will add a touch of elegance and vibrancy to it.