American Fireglass

1/2" StarFire Fire Glass

Imagine if your customers could illuminate their homes' interiors with shining stars! We bring you starfire fire glass from our 1/2 inch collection; brilliantly gleaming glass pieces that are reminiscent of the stars twinkling in the night sky. One of our bestsellers, this 1/2" starfire fire glass brings its surroundings to life with its amazing shine.

One of the greatest advantages of starfire fire glass is that it blends well with practically any color scheme and décor style. No matter whether your customers' entertainment area has a classic or contemporary design, rest assured our starfire fire glass will add a touch of glamor to it. Very similar in look to our 1/4" starfire fire glass, these chunkier glass pieces allow for better air circulation, delivering a larger and more impressive flame. These 1/2" starfire glass pieces are lovely on their own, but if your customers want to spice things up a bit, they can also mix this glass with other bright colors for an even more spectacular effect.