Bromic Heating

Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Heater

The Bromic Tungsten Gas Heater was designed with style and affordability in mind. The design is modern and elegant with excellent functionality. The completely unique patented direct ignition system ensures a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds up to 8 mph. Complete with a versatile Easy Pivot Arm, your space will be provided with better heat coverage than ever.

This heater is not only stylish and one of a kind, it's also very safe to use. The flame failure safety controls on the platinum gas heating range allow automatic re-ignition if the heater goes out. If the heater does not re-ignite, the safety system shut-off control will turn the heater off immediately.

By adding the optional Heat Deflector, you can install this heater as close as 14" to the ceiling. Some prefer an installation that is tighter to the wall, as it tucks the heater closer to the ceiling corner and out of the way. If your plan is to mount your heater to the ceiling, you may choose the optional ceiling mounts which come in a variety of lengths to suit your needs.

The 500 Series Tungsten Heater is great for heating approximately 200 square feet. If you are heating a smaller space, you may want to consider going with a 300 Series Tungsten Heater which heats approximately 120 square feet. No matter what you choose, the Bromic Tungsten Heaters are the leaders in stylish heating decor.

High-Performance Mesh Screen

  • The unique screen employed in the Tungsten gas series scientifically manipulates infrared energy to maximize performance and deliver a superior spread of heat.

Ceramic Efficiency

  • In one of the most environmentally friendly gas-fired heating methods available, slow-release ceramic burners efficiently combust gas to fuel the Tungsten series.

Strong, Directional Heat

  • Deliver robust radiant heat where it’s needed, with easy pivot arm brackets providing greater directional control of outdoor wall heaters.

Patented Direct Ignition

  • Eliminate the need for a pilot, with automated direct ignition ensuring easy, instantaneous ignition.

Automatic Re-ignition

  • An integrated “Flame Failure Safety Shut-off Control” turns the heater off immediately should it not re-ignite for any reason.

Ultra-Durable Design

  • Stainless steel construction ensures good looks and reliable heating performance, well into the future.

Ease Of Use

  • Enjoy set-and-forget simplicity with the Tungsten series’ smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition.

Exceptional Wind Resistance

  • Tungsten gas outdoor heaters function reliably even in winds of up to 8mph, thanks to Bromic’s patented screen and ionization probe technology.

Versatile Mounting

  • A versatile range of ceiling and wall mounting options makes it easy to reclaim valuable floor space.

Wireless Control Capabilities

  • Comfort and convenience combine, with genuine wireless control accessories providing seamless integration of remote heater control.
  • 26,000 to 43,000 BTUs of Heat
  • CSA Approved
  • Pivot Arm for Positioning Versatility
  • Flame Failure Safety Shut Off
  • Electronic Ignition at the Touch of a Button
  • Even and Comfortable Radiant Heat Distribution
  • Heats Large Areas Quickly and Efficiently
  • Available for Natural Gas or Propane Gas
  • 300 Series Dimensions: 19.3" W x 14" H x 15.9" D
  • 500 Series Dimensions: 25.4" W x 14" H x 15.9" D