• 42’’ Stainless Steel Firebox with Reflective Panels
  • 30’’ Stainless Steel Burner comes with Copper Reflective Fireglass
  • Viewing window is 35.25"x12".75
  • Clean contemporary outdoor linear gas fireplace, no chimney or venting required
  • Battery Operated Electronic Ignition with Safety Valve. The Safety Valve will turn the gas
    OFF in case of flame loss
  • Includes On/Off Switch
  • A Tempered Glass Windshield is included to protect the flame in windy conditions
  • Available with your choice of a 2’’ or 4’’ Brushed Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Includes Weather Cover to protect your fireplace when not in operation
  • Natural Gas and Propane models available - 44,500 Btu Natural Gas / 43,500 Btu Propane
  • 5 Year Consumer Warranty on Stainless Steel Components, 2 Year on Gas Valve, Pilot and
    Igniter Assembly and Electronic Components. 1 Year all parts in Commercial Applications
  • Tested to CAN/CGA-2.17-M91 / IAS 4-96 (US) / CGA CR97-003 (CAN) 4001172