Aluminum Lawn Edging

Aluminum Lawn Edging

Making beautiful, functional landscapes requires knowledge, preparation, and hard work. Helping these designs withstand the test of time, requires the right choice in Aluminum Edging. Primarily used in residential and light commercial applications where greater flexibility is desired. Applications include, but are not limited to, planting beds, tree rings, paver walkways and paths. 

Size: 4"x 16' 

Color: Black

Stakes Sold Separate

Aluminum Edging Quality Features

  • Superior locking system. Dual Stake locking system creates a seamless connection with no overlapping of material at joints and ensures the connection remains permanent
  • No overlapping of edging. Sure-loc edging connection allows for true crisp lines and invisible connections.
  • End Stake Adapters slide over the edging and allow for staking at any point and provide extra strength. Available in all colors and sizes.
  • Dual Punch Out Pockets for stakes allow stakes to be driven into ground straightly.
  • Rigid and grooved design allows edging to retain solid grip in the ground
  • Extra Long Stakes are available where extra depth is required such as sandy soil. Available in 12” or 18” lengths in all colors and sizes.
  • Anti Frost Heave Technology. Stake pockets in edging accept a stake at a 45 degree angle to help keep the edging in the ground when temperature changes cause ground shifting.