Large Pond Kit


Large Pond Kit


Aquascape Pond Kit 21’ X 26’ (large) With AquaSurge PRO 4000-8000 Pump

Don’t let larger ponds intimidate you. Our largest pre-packaged kit ensures you have all of the right products for the job.

Kit Includes:

• 25’ x 30’ Liner, 750 sq. ft. Underlayment

• Signature Series BioFalls Filter 6000 w/BioBalls

• Signature Series™ 8.0 Skimmer

• AquaSurge PRO 4000-8000 Pump

• Water Treatment Starter Package

• 2” x 50’ Flexible PVC Pipe

• Pump Check Valve Assembly and Installation Kit

• LED Lighting Package, Two - 3-Watt 12V LED Spotlights, 1-Watt 12V LED Waterfall Light, 60-Watt Transformer w/photocell, 3-Way Splitter and 25' LVL Extension Cable