High Format

Grand Ledge Wall

Grand Ledge™️ wall blocks create the look of natural ledgestone. Bold in scale and with consistent dimensions, these wall blocks allow for faster installation of your retaining walls.

➤ Intended for linear applications
➤ An engineerable wall system with capabilities of 5’ to 6’ gravity walls with optimal site conditions
➤ 24 unique wall textures
➤ Long term durability
➤ Four additional 5-sided blocks can be used as 90-degree returns

Available Colors:
Fond Du Lac
Fond Du Lac
Slate Gray
Slate Gray


  • 36"L x 12"H x 20"D
  • 48"L x 12"H x 20"D
  • 60"L x 12"H x 20"D
  • 72"L x 12"H x 20"D
  • Corner Blocks also available