Diversified Waterscapes, Inc.

F-30 Algae Control

Application Rate: 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre (approximately 325,851.6 g) of water.

  • Controls all types of algae: planktonic, filamentous, hydrilla, chara and nitella.
  • Double chelated copper (organic chelators).
  • Due to the highly refined chelation process, you get better control with less copper.
  • Does not leave behind sediment, toxins or pollutants.Odorless blue liquid containing 10.94% higher active ingredients.
  • Lower pH of 3.8., is highly stable in alkaline or acid conditions.
  • Controls algae at 0.2 ppm to 0.4 ppm copper.
  • One gallon treats approx. 326,000 gallons of water.