Early Spring is the Ideal Time to Plan for Landscaping

As the snow melts away and the birds return, your thoughts will inevitably begin to dwell on the yard. The lawn mower needs to be tuned up for service, the edging needs to be sharpened and the bushes trimmed. But with the new season comes the desire for new and fresh landscaping features. And spring is the perfect time to consider and plan for this work.

Adding Major Features

Popular landscaping features like ponds and retaining walls are best installed in the spring. This timing will allow you to enjoy the features for the longest amount of time, as the pond bubbles all summer long and the gardens grow around the retaining walls throughout the season.
If the budget doesn’t allow for everything to be done at once, try spacing out the landscaping overhaul across the coming months. Start with the base and surrounding structure before moving on to the more decorative or complimentary aspects.
For instance, if you would like to put in a patio, pathway and arbor to dress up the backyard start with one of the larger stone projects. Be sure that the ground is well prepared and excavate for the patio. Lay that stone first and be sure to let the contractor (or the DIY coordinator) know what the balance of the plans are. That way you can add the surrounding gardens, the pathway and finally the arbor as the season progresses and more funds are available.

Small Changes and Fresh Ideas

Tackling smaller projects can be simpler (and easier on the budget). How about cleaning up the edging with a flagstone mowing strip or bringing in some larger fieldstone or boulders for landscape accents? These are weekend tasks that can make a big difference in your yard for the entire season.
Often you will find the garden centers and building supply stores have good deals on at this time of year. You can shop for the best price and pick up some of the essentials for spring landscape maintenance at the same time. Fertilizer, grass seed, planter pots and other items are widely available for affordable prices in spring.

Hiring Is Easy

Finding qualified landscapers in the middle of summer to handle your landscaping job can be a difficult task. Quality companies get booked up quickly, meaning that unless you book in the spring months you may be waiting an awfully long time for the pros to come.
You can always tackle your own landscaping, but experienced workers can better handle heavier projects and jobs that require excavation with large machinery. Take on small tasks yourself or get the whole family involved, but be sure to always provide safe equipment and working conditions. Everyone will enjoy getting out into the fresh air after being cooped up all winter and you can get a good jump on the grass and garden clean up.
Start your major landscaping projects in the early spring to get the most enjoyment out of them this year. It’s easier to book professional landscapers at the beginning of the season and your family will be happy to help get the smaller projects moving. Take advantage of the spring season and get started at your landscaping at the ideal time of year.