June 2018 Maintenance Tip

  • Plant, Plant, Plant….Trees, Shrubs, Perennials & Annuals. Enhance your garden with new additions.
  • Add Pond Plants to your water garden. Pond plants will shade the water and feed on excess nutrients needed by algae to grow.
  • Prune any growth that may have been damaged by late frosts.
  • Pinch back late summer/fall flowering perennials if you want to promote more branching & blooms.
  • Deadhead spring flowering perennials and bulbs.
  • Water ALL new plantings. Check all annual containers and hanging baskets daily.
  • Weed to keep all gardens looking neat and tidy.
  • Stake those perennials that you know are going to get leggy later in the season.
  • Scout for insect pests. Stop in and ask our experts about pest problems or contact our local extension service at 219-755-3240
  • Shear long blooming perennials like Catmint and Coreopsis now. You can cut them back by as much as ½ to rejuvenate them. Late in the month some perennial geraniums can benefit from the same treatment.
  • Cut flowers for fresh arrangements and enjoy.

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