November 2016 Maintenance Tips

Time to prepare your gardens for winter!

  • Cut back perennials that you don’t want to leave up for winter interest. Cut back perennials after a frost has occurred. The foliage should be starting to discolor.
  • Rake leaves and debris. It is alright to leave a light amount of disease free leaves around perennials for winter protection. Be sure to clean up leftover foliage in the Spring.
  • Plant Bulbs…Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Alliums….and more! You can plant spring bulbs any time after the first autumn frost up to the time the ground is frozen. Bulbs will add early spring color while most of your perennials are just breaking dormancy.
  • Plant any plants you have not gotten to yet. For those plants that you just don’t have time to plant properly, you can “plant” or “heel them in” in their pots to hold them till spring.
  • Drain your hoses and irrigation systems.
  • Clean and oil tools after all clean-up is complete.
  • Clean out annual containers and bring in for storage if they are not frost proof. If they are frost proof, let our experts help you design evergreen arrangements for winter interest.
  • Make reservations for yourself or a group of friends for one of our holiday workshops at 219-663-1042.


  • Buying bulbs at your local garden center ensures that those bulbs have been chosen for your region. Most bulbs prefer full sun, however many may be planted in wooded areas because they bloom and die back before deciduous trees leaf out in spring.
  • Plant bulbs in well-drained areas.
  • Most bulbs need to be planted in the fall for spring blooming.
  • If deer or other creatures have eaten your tulips in the past, consider using daffodils and alliums. Daffodils offer an extra bonus as they multiply and naturalize over time.