Pro Slicer

Central Salt

Pro Slicer

Pro Slicer is created through the application of a high performance liquid deicer added to a blend of fine and coarse crystal ice melt.  Through the use of prewetting technology, each crystal is encapsulated in liquid deicer to give it the one-two high performance punch of a fast melting liquid deicer and the staying power of granular ice melt.

  • Quickly melts ice and snow down to -20 degrees

  • Pre-wet deicer means less material and fewer applications are needed

  • Flows freely even in sub-freezing conditions

  • Vivid purple color is easy to see and will not track or stain

  • Maintains a residual melting effect after storm event

  • Safer on skin, sidewalks, leather, metal, plants and pets


Available in 50 lb bags